A Fireside Companion – Guide to Trees


Handmade Litho Print available in two colour ways, with or without Bird&Bee’s original Antique Oak Picture Hanger Frame.

‘What’s good to burn and what’s not’

The one and the only Fireside Guide to burning our most sustainable heat source…wood! A heart-warming guide to forty-four common trees used as a sustainable fuel ~ what’s good to burn and what’s not good to burn. Poetically written by Bird&Bee.



The one and the only Fireside Guide to burning our most sustainable heat source…wood! A heart-warming guide to forty-four common trees used as a sustainable fuel ~ what’s good to burn and what’s not good to burn. Poetically written by Bird&Bee.

“Beechwood fires burn bright & clear, If the logs are kept a year,
Chestnut only good they say, If for long, it’s laid away,
But Ash new or Ash old, Is fit for Queen with crown of Gold.

Birch & Fir logs burn too fast, Blaze up bright and do not last,
It is by the Irish said, Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread,
Elmwood burns like churchyard Mold, E’en the very flames are cold,
But Ash green or Ash Brown, Is fit for Queen with Golden Crown,

Poplar gives a bitter Smoke, Fills your eyes and makes you choke,
Apple wood will scent your room, With an incense like perfume,
Oaken logs if dry and old, Will keep away the winter’s cold,
But Ash wet or Ash dry, A king shall warm his slippers by.”

The Original and the Best.

Back in the dark winter month of January 2009, I was fortunate enough to move into our new house at Number 13. Nothing too special, just a Victorian, red brick terrace on a cul-de-sac of a vibrant, colourful community. What is special about the house is the heating and hot water supply (if managed well) is free! It is powered by a 3-way heating system, a wood burning stove, a southerly facing solar thermal panel and a back-up combi boiler. Nearing the completion of our first, four seasons in the house – I estimated an annual saving of six hundred pounds a year on central heating and hot water costs. I now spend one Sunday afternoon every month, managing our wood store for the house. I do this from May to November, which gives us enough seasoned wood for the whole year.

From this process I decided to produce a chart which aides in the ‘firewood collection’ and selection process. Some types of wood are a waste of time to manage, others fill the house with gorgeous scents. Some need to be seasoned for a couple of years, others burn green. Traditional methods and folklore tales tell us all we need to know on the subject of ‘what’s good to burn and what’s not’ – forgotten knowledge, ancient wisdom!

• An elegant, traditional alternative to expensive picture frames.
• Made of solid oak with self-locating strong n52 magnets.
• Comes with antique brass picture label holder and bespoke latin label
• Hangs in seconds, lasts for years. reuse with any print.
• No tools required • Full instructions inside

Artfully made in our workshop in Sheffield using solid English oak, aged to look the part on any drawing room, kitchen, study or bedroom wall. Your solid oak hanger is weighted perfectly to ensure your print hangs perpendicular to the wall. The brass fittings include a brass ring and brass knurled picture nail ~ providing a traditional look and feel. The waxed cotton cord is strong, durable & perfectly inconspicuous. We use the finest self~locating magnets to ensure a strong, permanent hold without damaging your artwork ~ ready to hang straight away. Can be reused for years to come.

Comes ready to hang with the following included:
• Fireside Print
• 2 x pairs of Antique Polished English Oak hangers for the top and bottom of your print.
• Each pair self-locates with each other using strong Neodymium N52 disc magnets imbedded in the oak.
• Antique Brass Label Holder centred on the lower rail.
• Bespoke Ivory Label
• Traditional waxed cotton cord already attached.
• Antique Brass split ring ready for hanging.
• Brass Knurled Head Picture nail.
• Full Instructions & care
• Bespoke Protective Packaging

1. Remove the packaging & separate the top pair of hangers (the pair with the hanging cord) by sliding them apart.
2. Place the length with the cord behind the top of your print and place its paired length onto the front ~ the two will snap together and self-locate.
3. Now do the same at the bottom of your print with the base pair, keeping the length with the brass picture label at the front.
4. Use a pin hammer to gently knock in the picture nail in the wall, at your chosen location.
5. Hang on the wall & straighten the print inside the magnetic hangers at the top & bottom to suit the border of your image.
Resplendent in appearance; stand back and admire your handy work. A blank label card is included for personal use.

Orders are sent out once a week on a Tuesday. So, if you order on a Tuesday night it will be dispatched on the following Tuesday with your chosen Shipping method.


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