Moon Calendar Print 2018


Bird&Bee’s Original Lunar Wheel Calendar that charts the phases of the Moon and includes Sunrise & Sunset times for all Sundays, Friday 13ths, Blue Moons & Super Moons and much much more.

Now available with or without Bird&Bee’s Antique Oak Picture Hangers.




Calling all Moon-lovers & Outdoors-folk, Gardeners & Growers, Stargazers & Sun-worshippers, Nature Lovers & Night Owls, Anglers & Astronomers…
…we present Bird&Bee’s Original Lunar Wheel Moon Calendar (18th Edition) to guide you through the wax & wane of the year and help you tune in to the natural cycles all around us – the original and the best.

Each year we make a beautifully printed, new chart to track the motions and movements of the Moon, Sun and the Earth. Each ‘arm’ on the wheel is a full sweep of the phases of the moon for that given month, radiating out from the hub of the wheel. Each arm depicts the full Lunar Phase progression in Gregorian calendar format (standard 12 months). It shows Moon Quarter Times, Lunar & Solar Ingress Signs, Lunar & Solar Eclipses and Earth Dates and days of the week within. All of which are set out in a legible format so you can navigate the whole of the year at a glance.

At the foot of the chart is the key to reading the chart, Pagan Moon names, a handy guide to the Sunrise and Sunset times for every Sunday in the year and dates for Solstices, Equinoxes and Pagan Festivals. The chart also uses easy to read British Summer Time for Sunrise & Sunset Times. All Moon times on the chart are centered on Greenwich Mean Time for the location: 00 0’, 51 28’ N

• Bird&Bee’s Unique & Original Wheel design (18th Edition)
• Silver Foil Embossed,shiny silver type
• Full year on one chart – easy-to-read
• Peak times for Moon Quarters
• Lunar & Solar Eclipses
• Solstices & Equinoxes
• Pagan Full Moon names & festivals
• Sun & Moon Ingress signs
• Moon Phenomena
• Sunrise & Sunset Times for all Sundays
• Shows Friday 13ths
• Shows Blue Moons & Super Moons
• Over 2000 pieces of information on the Sun, Moon, Earth system
• Comes with 18th edition booklet all about the moon and ‘events not to miss’
• Moon Map showing detail of the Sea of Tranquility & Crater Copernicus
• Recycled premium 200gsm stock
• Measures 420 x 560 mm
• Wipe Clean invisible laminate
• Reclaimed Oak Framed versions available
• A completely original design by Bird&Bee.

The information booklet explains all about the Sun, Moon, Earth system, what ephemera to look out for during the year, folklore, astronomical phenomena and lots more. Try one today, get tuned in to the natural cycles in our planetary system and support the change you want to see in the world.

Over the years we have had many wonderful comments about our artefacts. Princesses, Rock Stars and Filmmakers have all found them a sight to behold and a practical source for the passing of time. What others have to say:

“Thank you Bird&Bee. I’ve been using your charts since 1999. It hangs in the hallway in a gorgeous oak frame that you made for me, so I can check it when I go out. People often comment on how beautiful and ingenious it is. Keep it up! ” – Sophia, London

“I find you charts very useful for planting and harvesting veg from my garden. I also check it before I take the dog out in the evening. Love the deep blue and the shiny silver too – by far the best! ” – Kurt, Munich

“Bird&Bee is such a cool little outfit – love all your products and creative projects” – Jen, Isle of Sky

“The attention to detail you put into your work is second to none – right down to the packaging and the way your items arrive through the post – always a joy to open and different every year.” – Niall, Winchester

• An elegant, traditional alternative to expensive picture frames.
• Made of solid oak with self-locating strong n52 magnets.
• Comes with antique brass picture label holder and bespoke latin label
• Hangs in seconds, lasts for years • Reuse with any print or next years calendar.
• No tools required • Full instructions inside

Artfully made in our workshop in Sheffield using solid English oak, aged to look the part on any drawing room, kitchen, study or bedroom wall. Your solid oak hanger is weighted perfectly to ensure your print hangs perpendicular to the wall. The brass fittings include a brass ring and brass knurled picture nail ~ providing a traditional look and feel. The waxed cotton cord is strong, durable & perfectly inconspicuous. We use the finest self~locating magnets to ensure a strong, permanent hold without damaging your artwork ~ ready to hang straight away. Can be reused for years to come.

Comes ready to hang with the following included:
• Moon Calendar Print 2018
• 2 x pairs of Antique Polished English Oak hangers for the top and bottom of your print.
• Each pair self-locates with each other using strong Neodymium N52 disc magnets imbedded in the oak.
• Antique Brass Label Holder centred on the lower rail.
• Bespoke Ivory Label depicting Calendar year.
• Traditional waxed cotton cord already attached.
• Antique Brass split ring ready for hanging.
• Brass Knurled Head Picture nail.
• Full Instructions & care
• Bespoke Protective Packaging

1. Remove the packaging & separate the top pair of hangers (the pair with the hanging cord) by sliding them apart.
2. Place the length with the cord behind the top of your print and place its paired length onto the front ~ the two will snap together and self-locate.
3. Now do the same at the bottom of your print with the base pair, keeping the length with the brass picture label at the front.
4. Use a pin hammer to gently knock in the picture nail in the wall, at your chosen location.
5. Hang on the wall & straighten the print inside the magnetic hangers at the top & bottom to suit the border of your image.
Resplendent in appearance; stand back and admire your handy work. A blank label card is included for personal use.

Orders are sent out once a week on a Tuesday. So, if you order on a Tuesday night it will be dispatched on the following Tuesday with your chosen Shipping method.








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